Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is a broad array of products that at a minimum consist of two glass lites and a bonding (lamination) layer. Laminated Glass essentially uses and manipulates existing materials to create laminated glass products. Furthermore, by changing lamination layers and glass surfaces additional products can be developed.

There are several sub-laminated products - Laminated art glass, laminated textured glass, colored laminated glass - to name a few. SAP, LLC takes a different approach than most suppliers. To assist you in finding the product you desire, we have listed our material suppliers and their websites.

Project Highlights

Hasenstab Architects, Inc.
Colored Laminated Glass - Yellow, Orange, Green
Hasenstab Architects, Inc.
FRCH Worldwide Design
Laminated Seedy Glass
US Construction
Osman Akan
Laminated Glass
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Application Bathroom Door Lite
Poulos + Schmid Design Group
Obscure Glass - 93
Poulos + Schmid Design Group
Annette Miller Architects
Obscure Glass™
Custom Laminated Pattern glass with holographic jewels
Textured Laminated Glass
G.Bruce Stratton
Color Laminated Glass
NBBJ Design
Laminated Etched and Painted Glass
Moody-Nolan Inc.
Cracked Glass with hologram chips
Matthei Colin
Double Textured Laminated Glass
Cracked glass with hologram chips
Howard Alan
Color Laminated Glass
Color Coated Laminated Glass (purple)
Dimensional Interiors
Laminated Rice Paper
Joe Ferut
Laminated Art Glass