Countertops and Tabletops

For decades, those who wanted something unique, enduring, and spectacular for their home or commercial space have chosen glass for their countertops, transaction tops, and table tops. Like stone, there are many different glass products that can be used in a horizontal application. Glass thicknesses, color, and textures can vary greatly. Here are some details.

Most popular glass products that are used as countertops, etc – thick glass, slump cast glass, and colorcoated (backpainted) glass. Almost any glass product can be used in a horizontal application.

Glass Thickness: ¼” to 4” thick

Thick glass colors: (External Link)

Slump Cast Glass Colors: (External Link) (Note: these products can be tempered)

Most popular Textures: (External Link)

LEDs: yes

Project Highlights

In Place Studio
Veloma Glass Countertop
In Place Studio
Lee Hegi
Smoke Glass
Lee Hegi
Integral Sink with LED
Mitch Findlay
1-1/4" Smoke Glass
Mitch Findlay
Blue Slump Cast Glass
Jockimo, Inc.
Breana Callahan
The Collaborative, Inc.
Jockimo Thick Glass - Grave Texture (Low Iron)
Jockimo Thick Glass - Minimus Texture with LEDs
Wooster Glass
2" Cast Glass
Thick Glass - 2" Veloma Low Iron
Jack Tile & Stone
Imagen Glass