In 2001, Specialty Architectural Products, LLC began the journey to bring Great Lakes Architects and Interior Designers the World’s finest decorative glass and glass flooring products. Despite being told that these products were “too edgy”, “too radical”, “great for Vegas but not for the Midwest”, and “too expensive”, the US and Canadian Great Lakes Region have now some of the finest decorative glass and glass flooring product installations in North America. We would like to think we had a little hand in contributing to the new reality. Cutting edge, “Statement Making” glass products are appropriate for every market segment and location. As we like to say, there is a decorative glass product for every project.

In 2008, the same spirit that brought the Great Lakes new glass materials was now unfolded to the larger North American and Caribbean design community. Once again, from Puerto Rico to Vancouver and San Diego, CA to Nova Scotia, we like to thank the design community for granting us the privilege in participating in numerous projects spanning all market segments and our entire product offering.

What does the future hold? The World!

SAP, LLC is still committed in bringing the World’s design community cutting edge decorative glass and glass flooring products. Moreover, with an eye for the unique, it is our intention to expand to other materials in the coming years.

Special thanks to the Lord, wife, family, church family, United States Air Force Academy (BS), and New Mexico State University (MS in Industrial Engineering) for the passion, skills, and insights to thrive through calamities and recessions to passionately bring to market great products while providing precise and rapid service.